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Relax and Rejuvenate with Reflexology in Farmington, CT | Soma Spa

March 4, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Relax and rejuvenate with a reflexology massage at our beautiful spa in Farmington, CT. Soma Spa supports your personal wellness with Ayurveda-based massage and skin care services in our beautiful facilities in historic Farmington, CT.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a massage technique based on the ancient knowledge that the entire body is mapped out in areas of the feet, hands, face, and ears. By bringing healing touch to these pressure points, our certified massage therapists stimulate healing throughout the body. The pressure points are said to bring healing to parts of the body not easily reached by traditional massage. 

When the massage therapist stimulates the reflexology pressure point, she invites the body to heal and relax through reflex of the nervous system. This specific massage technique improves circulation, relaxes the body, and relieves stress.

Soma spa offers relaxing and rejuvenating reflexology massages that focus on the feet. Be sure to schedule a 60 or 90-minute session to care for our feet, the part of your body that supports you in all you do. 

Relaxing Reflexology Sessions at Soma Spa

During a 60 or 90-minute session, your reflexology massage begins with an herbal footbath. 

Your feet work for you almost every hour of the day. It's time to give them the focused and tender care they deserve. Relax your entire body by allowing yourself to ease into this time of soaking and healing the feet with herbs from the Ayurvedic tradition. 

Once the foot bath is over, your feet will receive the focused attention they truly deserve! We'll apply the massage techniques of reflexology to your feet to stimulate healing throughout the body.  

The soles of the feet have highly sensitive receptors that give the healer access to parts of the body not easily reached by traditional massage. Your massage therapist will ask you about specific pains and other health concerns and concentrate on those specific pressure points in the feet. She'll be sure to massage the entire foot during the session to bring a sense of wholeness to your wellness journey.

At the end of your reflexology session, you will feel relaxed, revitalized, and energized. A sense of rejuvenation will begin in the feet and extend to your entire self: body, mind, and spirit.

Our Team of Certified Massage Therapists

When you decide to relax and rejuvenate with a reflexology massage at Soma, know you are in good hands! (See what our customers have to say!)

Our team of healers offers its years of training and experience to your healing journey with each and every service we provide. 

Soma is a group of Licensed Massage Therapists, trained Ayurveda practitioners, seasoned yoga instructors, and skilled skincare professionals who offer focused and intuitive healing services. Soma's mission is to help you find peace and live a pain-free life.

About Soma Spa

Soma is a Greek word meaning "pertaining to the body." With our Ayurvedic focus, we appreciate that the body is deeply connected to the mind and emotions. It is this holistic approach to bodywork that sets Soma apart!

Soma's founder is Danielle Dampf, LMT. She brings over 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and Ayurveda practitioner to the work of Soma Spa. She's highly skilled and deeply tuned in to the practice, as is the entire team.

Your wellness journey is supported by Soma with individualized services and affordable membership packages

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Soma offers a vast menu of services to support your wellness journey. Massage, skincare, and Ayurveda services are provided by trained and licensed practitioners with heart, and with great talent.