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All the ways a couple's massage in Farmington can benefit you both

December 2, 2019 at 5:00 AM
by Soma Spa

When you're in a relationship, but you both lead hectic lives, it's hard to find time to relax together. One way to overcome this is to use a couple's massage in Farmington. In addition to bonding in the same space, you should both experience some health benefits. At Soma Spa LLC, we provide couple's massages that deliver plenty of benefits.

Bonding with one another

When was the last time you and your partner spent time bonding together? Sometimes it's hard to step away from your everyday responsibilities. Although you may see each other at home, you won't always feel as though you've bonded.

At Soma Spa LLC, we make sure each couple who comes to us can relax and immerse themselves in a serene environment. We believe this is an excellent way to help you reconnect with one another. As you'll spend time bonding in a relaxed state, you may feel as though your connection is stronger afterward.

Increase feelings of affection

One way to increase feelings of affection is to get a couple's massage. Farmington is a great source of places to go on romantic dates, too, so you could always book your massage as part of a date day. 

At Soma Spa LLC, we use a range of industry-renowned techniques to help our couples relax. Our aim is to help you heighten your serotonin and oxytocin levels. As serotonin is responsible for feelings of happiness and oxytocin increases your feelings of love, your massage should increase your feelings of affection for one another.

Lower your stress levels

No matter how long you have been together, stress and anxiety can place a significant strain on your relationship. If your partner notices a shift in your character, they may begin to worry about you.

Massages are known for helping people reduce their stress levels. At Soma Spa LLC, we do everything we can to help our clients step away from the world outside and reconnect with themselves. When you and the person you love feel less stressed, your relationship will begin to flourish.

Try an alternative date night

Plenty of research suggests that couples who have regular date nights are more likely to stay together. If you're always going to the same places or trying the same experiences, those dates can become boring.

With a couple's massage in Farmington, you're introducing an alternative type of date night to your relationship. Sharing new experiences is an excellent way to help you reconnect as a couple. We often meet couples who have never been for a massage as a pair, and they walk away realizing what an enriching experience it is. If you want to introduce a bit of variety to your dating routine, enjoying a massage is a way forward.

Make it easier to talk

Most relationships go through phases where everything feels like a struggle. One way to work around those struggles is to communicate with one another. However, to achieve this, you need to move beyond your frustrations and start talking.

If you're both feeling frustrated, you need to de-escalate before you start discussing your problems. At Soma Spa LLC, we'll do all we can to help you relax during your massage. Afterward, you may find that it's easier to talk with your partner about your problems.

Choosing to book one of our couple's massages could be a positive step forward in your relationship. Whether you want to book one together or you're purchasing one as a surprise, we're happy to hear from you. To make an appointment or to ask more about what our couple's massages involve, call 860 678 7880 or email